Saturday, 20 December 2014

20 Cool and Creative Winter Hats That Will Make You Happy

These days, knitting and crocheting are not just limited to grandmothers, in fact today’s generation are taking these to another level. For ex check out these cool and creative winter hats, I am sure you will feel warm and happy after wearing these.

1. Viking.

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2. Cthulhu.

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3. Brain

ea5e617c529ef111edc344dd9011f102 650x
4. Snow White

4d0c91dedf7ec8c8df58abb80d158a5c 650x
5. Burger

6. Spock/Vulcan.

542cabdb1a53e4c982eec0db9e1c233f 650x
7. Totoro.

011fded092be1318cd5a83e1c27ba14c 650x
8. Cowboy Hat.

0c8750709bf9575b7243cdadebc44eef 650x
9. Elvis

48ea4331f6abda45c817e9537e5508c8 650x
10. Yoda

efac08da96eb46a26d67583833fd342c 650x
11. Mummy

37c45e80ff6d11a101200dade26c69e3 650x
12. Little Chicken

db15d544980f2ac42c32e43e062caa00 650x
13. Pizza

14. Dwarven Helm.

3fbd33c569bd7e9e99d5347cf932ebf5 650x
15. Reindeer Dog.

76be5b60d9d3b2060c4ba356b842672e 650x
16. Disheveled Caveman.

be4b668b42cca3f562d7771c2e8d1375 650x
17. Elsa from Frozen.

c4fe8ba478ede6295982d5e36323a871 650x
18. Michelangelo from Ninja Turtle.

a6eda86e3dd81ba97e4f9e4e8e73d97b 650x
19. Captain America Special.

10d38193719dacb2c044e7c88ff84069 650x
20. Mustard and Ketchup.

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