Tuesday, 9 December 2014

13 heartwarming pictures that will restore your faith in humanity

Today in the world of terror and injustice, many of us believe that humanity is totally diminished from this Earth, but after watching below pictures, your faith in humanity will be restored.

1. Waiter feeding disabled and homeless boy.

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2. Guy helping this old lady will surely going to be blessed by her.

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3. Pope Francis hugging and embracing this man with several tumors on his face.

nydailynews 1418032154

4. Jaqueline Kiplimo, Sprinter of Kenya helping this dehydrated chinese athlete not only cost her the first the place but also the 10,000$ price.

youtube 1418032507

5. Man giving his shoes to homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro.


6. On graduation day, this guy’s classmates shaved their heads to support him. This boy has cancer.


7. A Libyan child who doesn’t believe in hate.

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8. This policeman bought shoes for a barefoot homeless man.

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9. These kind police officers made 13-old-blind child Gage Hancock-Stevens’ dream come true of being a cop.

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They even gave him a cake.

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10. This Disney’s security officer does his job perfectly.

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11. Famous rugby player visited his youngest and greatest fan in hospital.

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12. The community came up to make this young child’s dream come true. Amazing isn’t it.

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13. An amazing couple who remain together even in their odds.

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