Sunday, 7 December 2014

This is how China trains its youngsters to grab gold in olympics

Last night I was reading an article on The Dailymail where they mentioned how China trains its childrens to grab gold in Olympics, and to tell you the truth that article not only made me sad but also inspired me to write this very article about it.

If you see the history, China is one of those countries which is constantly grabbing gold and getting first position in Olympics medal tally and it’s not only about olympics, Chinese athletes grab gold in almost every other game they participate. So you must be thinking what’s so uncommon in this? Well there is. Today I am going to show you how China prepares its athletes to win in these games and perform outstanding in almost every game they participate.

So the question is how do they prepare so much good athletes? Are champions born, well incase if China no. They are prepared. If you look into the figures, China has around 3,000 government running sports schools plus 20 major sports programs with some smaller programs as well. They train their athletes from the beginning. The picture below may break your heart but this is what happens at at the Nanning Gymnasium, one of the most ruthless place for new aspiring athletes.

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The pain of this child may hurt you but her gymnasion trainer is standing on her legs is a kind of training strategy to increase her endurance level.

Similar thing goes for these images as well

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Here also the young aspirants are allowed to suffer hard but what they aren’t allowed is to quit.

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Check how the girl in the extreme left is tied with her both legs to test her endurance level.

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They are trained and trained harder to make them champions.

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And after this much of training this happens.

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