Saturday, 15 November 2014

These paintings have dual things hidden inside them

Something special, something incredible is hidden inside all the paintings of Oleg Shuplyak, and you don’t need any art degree to appreciate his amazing work. And why is that? well just take a look and you’ll find it why.

While looking over these paintings just try to find the face hidden inside them, and you will notice that yes, these are the one of their own.

desktop 1415399460
desktop 1415399815
desktop 1415399458
desktop 14153998151
desktop 1415399459
desktop 1415399817
desktop 14153994591
desktop 1415399808
desktop 1415399455
desktop 1415399810
desktop 14153994551
desktop 1415399813
desktop 1415399456
desktop 14153998101
desktop 14153994581
desktop 1415399809
desktop 1415399457
desktop 1415399811
desktop 14153994571
desktop 14153998111
desktop 1415399454
desktop 1415399814

Most of these paintings are pretty cool and i am sure you will like them.


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