Saturday, 15 November 2014

Avatar Singh, man who wears world's largest turban

If you think that your morning routines are too complex, you need to rethink, because today we are going to show something you have never heard or seen before.

Avtar Singh Mauni, a man who hails from Patiala in India, has some unique yet complex morning routines, because he spends around 6-7 hours daily to prepare himself before going to local temple. Now you must be wondering why do he need so much time to prepare? Why? To put on this turban.

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His turban is no ordinary turban. His turban length is around 2,115 feet which is equal to 13 olympic swimming pools.

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The normal length of turban which is weared by sikhs is around 16 to 23 feet, but this man is really amazing.

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He also holds to world record of wearing the largest turban.

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The total weight of his turban including silver ornaments decorated over it is around 100 pounds.

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