Sunday, 16 November 2014

Believe it or not! these 3D images are drawn with pencil on paper

Well, it may seem unbelievable but if you look at it you will see that something the coolest art can be shown via simplest methods, and here is why.

Artist João Carvalho uses his amazing talent to create these 3D pictures using his pencil only, and using paper as his canvas. While looking over these images for the first time, you can barely notice that these are not the result of computer graphics but the magic of an artist.

So today we are going to show you some work of this talented artist.

Jerry mouse, looks amazing in this art.

desktop 1415734080

Face of scooby doo.

desktop 1415734082

3D hand

desktop 1415734084

This one is my favorite one. I just can’t believe how he did this.

desktop 1415734079

I quite like the eyes of this Pikachu.

desktop 1415734085

Homer’s amazing pic.

desktop 14157340821

Is this path to black hole or what?

desktop 14157340851

Can’t believe that paper is actually lying flat.

desktop 14157340801

Last one is sketch of stitch.

desktop 1415734086




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