Sunday, 21 December 2014

18 kids who are failing in hide and seek game

Remember that hide and seek game when you were kid? And when you were asked to hide, you find some funny and amazing spots to hide. Kids today are also failing this hide and seek concept completely.

1. Funny but this kid thinks that he’s making himself completely hidden under that alligator.

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2. Don’t underestimate the power of this kid. Kid? where is he?

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3. He forgot to hide his legs there.

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4. You know these kids are using the greatest hiding spot used in this game.

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5. Atleast she’s trying hard.

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6. Hahaha, I am not going to pull those sheets off her.

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7. This would have been perfect if he has closed that door.

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8. Nice try kid, but are you still playing with that toy?

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9. Sorry kid, this one is funny but it’s not going to work coz it’s not hiding you.

d5268eb82eff3272be80a1315b860609 650x

10. Where is he? I don’t see him.

97e72f87b92313a6c91d58e3fd862810 650x

11. This one looks more like ghost spot and is going to scare the one who is searching for him.

6d926496c7a211bcd4085c360374d0a7 650x

12. This kid shouldn’t be blamed for this, it’s the fault of that not so long table cloth.

b46e73528f8d82ccc692f5407540c60e 650x

13. Not so bad, but I am concerned for that person who would have paid for that lampshade rather than that hiding spot.

a35947d2fd52e4e8de1302348cb0e984 650x

14. Is he trying to hide in there or searching inside it.

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15. I really wish no outsider comes inside house in due time.

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But I really like his creativity.

16. You are going to laugh for sure after watching this one.

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17. I am wondering why all those boards scattered in the middle?

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18. This technique is called “If I close my eyes, they will not be able to see me”, and it really words acc to the one who’s hiding.

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