Sunday, 7 December 2014

14 awesome home theaters that you definitely want to own

To tell you the truth, I always wanted one home theater in my own house. After all who don’t want to get the experience of sharp quality sound and amazing HD video experience.

However, to build perfect home theater is not an easy task. You have to be creative plus innovative to design the environment that perfectly suits your home theater and adds awesomeness to it. So today I am going to show you some amazing home theaters that will surely gonna add much while  building your perfect home theater.

1. A home theater surrounded by pool under the stars is an amazing combination for those who are planning the get some nature touch in their home theater.

desktop 1417553329

2. Perfect for sports loving person, this one suits if you are looking to put some sports touch to the theater.

desktop 14175533291

3. A mario themed home theater for video game loving guys.

desktop 1417553333

4. Looks quite amazing, I am sure in future we all own something like this in our homes.

desktop 1417553327

5. An Egyptian themed home theater that perfectly suits if you love history.

desktop 1417554993

6. Deep underground mine themed home theater that will give you feel if you deep inside earth.

desktop 1417555947

7. An amazing pirate ship themed home theater. I guess this one suits best for watching pirate movies.

desktop 1417554996

8. Classical themed theaters giving you the feeling of 20’s.

desktop 1417553331

9. It looks more like Batman’s home theater.

desktop 1417555946

10. A sci-fi themed theater, looks more like you are in some kind of spaceship.

desktop 1417555949


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