Thursday, 4 December 2014

This is what 18th century people thought about future

One thing that we all like to do is predict how future might look. Well this is what past people also like to do, and that’s why they have dreamed about some crazy future.

So here are some crazy inventions they had thought future will be having, but most of it are really crazy that’s why they’ll never become reality neither now nor in our future.

1. Flying police which looks good only in pictures and cartoon shows but not in reality.

desktop 1417551941

2. Rolling house.

desktop 14175519411

Actually this concept is already developed but in the way they had thought.

3. Looks something like helicopter but no exactly.

desktop 1417551940

4. I truly wish this won’t happen not even in our future.

desktop 14175519401

5. Student may like this, but this is cruelty.

desktop 1417551939

6. ROBO band.

desktop 1417551936

These may not be our present, but we do have something like this but not exactly this.

7. Something like breeding plants we have right now but they are not as cheerful as this one.

desktop 14175519361

8. Well tailors might now like this.

desktop 14175519391



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