Sunday, 7 December 2014

8 things which future generations will miss

As we are growing up in terms of technology, our social life is changing in many ways. With new inventions coming, the use of old ones are getting rare and rare. However, there are still some old technologies which are surely going to be missed by our future generations, as these will not be there them.

1. Public phone booths: The STD, ISD Era.

telephone booth1 1417692099

2. Handwritten postcards which are now replaced by sms and chats.

letters1 1417692319

3. The relationship between pencil and cassette, that never ending rewinding.

photoshopcontest1 1417692550

4. Those old wired telephone lines.

vintage phone 1417692598

5. Searching for contacts in yellow pages rather than online directory.

yellow pages 1417693052

6. A dial up connection Internet.

dialup copy 1417692696

7. Photo Albums.

album pictures 3 1417691961

8. And above all a notification free life.

1 1417692850


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