Sunday, 23 November 2014

10 coolest swings with most thrilling views

When it comes to swing, everyone become excited, but what happens when you can see thrilling views while swinging?

Today we are going to show you the most exciting and thrilling swings from around the world. Their creators are so creative that some of these swings can give you nightmare for lifetime.

1. The swing of volcano view.

desktop 1416432788

2. The swing of waterfall.

waterfall swing imgur

3. Indoor water pool swing.

desktop 1416435558

4. This Colorado cliff swing will give you nightmare for sure.

desktop 1416435974

5. I call this “the swing of death” to view the end of the world.

desktop 1416436070

The view of top view from above swing will make you lose your goosebumps.

desktop 1416436769

6. The crazy rope swing.

desktop 1416436887

7. Swing of the nature.

desktop 1416436973

8. The swing of fire pit.

desktop 1416435410

9. This one is nice and creative as well, Bedroom swing.

desktop 1416436009

10. Amazing bus stop swing.

desktop 1416436833


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