Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This doctor fall in love with his patient, but what happened next will shock you

Doctor patient relationship is very unique relationship, where doctors are expected to be kind with their patients, because that’s what make their patients feel safe. But today we are going to tell you one such relationship where this doctor fall in love with his patient, and when this patient died, this love turned into strange taboo.

Carl Tanzler was a radio technologist who fall in love with his patient Helen de Hoyos, but things become terrible after she died, and this doctor had done something shocking.

Carl Tanzler.

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Now something about Carl Tanzler. He was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1877. After witnessing the end results of World War I, he moved to America and took job of radio technologist in Marine hospital. He was kind of hopeless romantic man. Acc to him, he once dreamed his ancestors who told him that his love would be a dark haired women.

“Helen” de Hoyos.

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Helen was born 1909 (Tanzler was already 32 at the time of her birth) to Cuban-American parents in Key West. Under Tanzler, she was treated with tuberculosis. Tanzler took particular interest in her and start sending gifts, cards etc, but this interest was one sided.

Death And Obsession of Helen.

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Helen did die of tuberculosis but the font of her possession made Carl Tanzler to do something which we normally call taboo. After visiting her grave for 2 years every night, he paid mausoleum for her body and moved it to his home. After stinging wires to her bones, and waxed silk to his face, perfumed her body to avoid stinking smell of decay, placed wig, and kept the body in his bed.

The Trial.

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For around 7 years, he kept her body until one day when Helen’s sister heard some rumours, and inspected his house. He finally arrested but in court’s trials he was released. Later he moved with the effigy of Helen to Florida, and finally died within the sculpture.


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