Saturday, 13 December 2014

These Stunning Entries in Sony 2015 World Photography Award Will Take Your Breath Away

There is only one month left for the photographers around the world to submit their entries for 2015 Sony World Photography Awards. In the meantime, World Photography Organisation have released some of the entries of the Open category to give you the glimpse of the how interesting it’s going to be.

Holi by Ioulia Chvetsova

a87f0f60c4ba54d136292457ed17122d 970x

 Timeless Affection by Arief Siswandhono

8d6c7acce94016279e81e270ff514daa 970x

Desert Dawn by Gareth Lowndes

f62a13da2b94a5ac4d27fe16e0bb8520 970x

Orangutan in The Rain by Andrew Suryono

Morning Hour by Georg May

97e504274afdd3319a338dc06515b6bc 970x

Vigorous Touch of the Morning by Jubair Bin Iqbal

9e3decce18d30bf8baa7963a612d250b 970x

Dinner by Kyle Breckenridge

4876bae340564ee795017509323851fa 970x

In a Crowd of King Penguins by Lisa Vaz

a2f86cf4588dff4633a690daf4416e19 970x

Blaak by Cor Boers

c230ca3ae4a6dba84deab6257c492706 970x

Dog Fight by Cioplea Vlad

02ff069348970e24f77df1e90c726070 970x

The Trace of an Ancient Glacier by Miquel Art’s Illana

c1ec281ef521c4c6127e268a4faa0d9b 970x

 The Morning Ritual by Nick Ng

d81d7e10d15fd09b14c45515795a026e 970x

You can keep updated and submit your own entries  from World Photography Organisation’s website.


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