Sunday, 14 December 2014

Nope, they are not photoshopped, these buildings were actually made like this

You don’t need to adjust your screen, there is nothing wrong with these pictures. Infact these buildings are made like this only. Crazy isn’t it.

1. Terfens, Austria.

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Inside view of this house.

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2. Ganghwa Island, Korea.

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1def01682968b0d4f6c6485ea0579556 650x

3. Malmo, Sweden.

811467f0c9e2fb3878069f850ae15df4 650x

4. South Korea.

7bb4d796155f8b1171be8da95912a07b 650x

5. Prague, Czech Republic.

b88fb0b2a1aa0e9fcac26b7d7e8e6fc8 650x

6. Wolverhampton, England.

7e97eec093f94d57814156eef253c64a 650x

7. Sopot, Poland.

541e3f9778b9cac043ad3a75c3263b86 650x

8. Abu Dhabi.

1908a323b5bba932c62881047e5213c8 650x

9. Sydney, Australia.

9c3a0e49a67ef90846687f3fb8d3c3b8 650x
ae0afd6353bab845f333214f13864efd 650x

10. Windsor, England.

7f0edb2f338fb332a0faca156a485ae5 650x
8857576e4d7af327ec4e56ffbb2eda6a 650x

11. Margate in Kent, UK.

dfd07f8ca6ce6db42808bd5d3da7a17a 650x
51028d57ff5b2303e8970da1f177e39f 650x

12. Vienna, Austria.

904026f193bb3c56d18e7ee486d00b4d 650x

13. San Diego, California.

1c3c2b044f14bbdf643feebfc74c35b2 650x

14. Alberta, Canada.

8864fb0754ee63e5ebf057729aaf1f01 650x

A little closeup view of it.

ec28e97b542451ed31548e27147d0d9b 650x


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