Tuesday, 18 November 2014

This owl is blind but it holds the universe in his eyes

One morning, someone in Southern California, USA found an injured owl in their porch. Later they found him blind, but there was sometime unique in his eyes. Although he was blind, his eyes were sparkling.

This blink owl was handed over to California’s Wildlife Learning Center, an organisation which protects animals they cannot survive without help. They named him Zeus in honor of Greek God of sky and thunder because his blind own got this amazing eyes which look if it contains stars and universe in it.

This is Zeus, blind owl who got rescued by California’s Wildlife Learning Center.

rescued blind owl zeus 6

He was found in the porch of house where he fell after getting hit by the wall of the house while trying to fly, but luckily there was no physical damage.

rescued blind owl zeus 9
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The Wildlife Center warmly welcomed him and now he’s safely living there.

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It took no time for them to discover the amazing eyes this feathered friend was having.

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You can read more about this amazing owl zeus on Wildlife Learning Center’s website.


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