Wednesday, 8 October 2014

You will be shocked to know but in few years these foods might be going to be extinct

Due to increasing global warming and uneven climate changes, many of the animals and foods are in danger. Whatever steps we take, there are several factors that one day its going to be extinct and that one day is near.

So here are certain foods that are mostly affected by these climate changes and might be extinct in near future.

1. Chocolate

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As we all know West Africa is the major producer of this chocolate farming but due to most extreme temperature conditions its becoming hard and hard for the people there to do farming of this cocoa crops and this is the reason why it might not be there in the next 10-12 years.

2. Coffee

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Losing coffee and its lifesaving caffeine will be nightmare for almost every office worker. but due to uneven climate changes most of the coffee producing area are almost ruined.

3. Honey.

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Due to climate changes and pollution, North American honey bees got affected and due to this there is major downfall in the supply of honey.


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The blue agave plant, which is responsible for tequila is having rough days, and it might be getting worse in near future.

5. Peanut Butter

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This will surely going to affect many peoples but yes this is true, due to summer destroying major crops its almost getting finished everywhere.

6. Wine

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The quality and quantity of grapes grown at famous vineyard are getting affected due to bad climate changes.

7. Strawberries

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Bad weather climate also affecting strawberries farming around the world. These berries are grown in colder areas of north but due to increasing global warming its getting ruined badly.

8. Apples

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Due to our changing taste for them, apples are in major threat due to us more than climate conditions.


You will be shocked to know but in few years these foods might be going to be extinct

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