Thursday, 9 October 2014

World's oldest and most horrifying creatures

These creatures below are the oldest in the world and the reason why they are is because they are most horrifying creatures which give nightmares to their predators and keep them away from them.

Featuring below are some of them, check them out

1. Tadpole Shrimp

This 220 million years old shark and eel breed is most one of the most terrifying creatures in the past.

2. Coelacanth

Some say this one is extinct but if you see records, they say that this one lasts for  360 million years and last seen in 1938.

3. Goblin Shark

This will surely give anyone├é terrifying sleepless nights, thanks to god this 125 million years old creature is almost extinct now.

4. The Lamprey

This 360 million years old used to suck the prey with its scary teeth and kill them.

5. The Nautilus

Although its less horrifying and much good looking but not all that glitters is gold. This 500 million years old creature never let its prey run away.

6. Frilled Shark

This is one of two extant species of shark family but as far as i know most horrifying.

7. Martialis Heureka Ant

Recently discovered in 2008 in Amazon forest this ant species was unknown for around last 120 million years.


World's oldest and most horrifying creatures

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