Thursday, 23 October 2014

This boy not only beat the cancer but also made his dreams come true, amazing inspirational story

In 2010, this Zach Zeiler was only 15, he was diagnosed with 1B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. But in its later stage, this cancel became fatal and due to this he lost his hairs and lost around 100 pounds of weight. Although he has the support of his family and his girl friend Tara Hurley, he was getting disappointed and frustrated too as the day passes.

Zach asked Tara Hurley out right before his diagnosis, and the couple, pictured here in 2010, has remained together ever since.

Zach asked his girlfriend before diagnoses to take some pictures together which remained with him forever.

The treatments left Zach feeling weak and helpless, which made him frustrated.

While treatment he was getting weak day by day which was making him frustrated.

Zach and his brother Corey.

Zach with his brother Corey.

Zach at the hospital, undergoing the cancer treatments that sapped his strength and caused him to lose weight as well as his hair.

Zach was very athletic but as the diagnoses continued his hair and weight both were falling very badly. So he decided not to lose hope and started work out for 2 hours a day even after radiation sessions. He worked hard and his hard work paid off by gaining him not only 175 pounds weight but also slowly decreasing his cancer.

Zach poses today.

Now he’s having full confidence in himself and below is the pic of him and Tara in 2012.

Tara and Zach in 2012.

and this one is their pic today

Zach and Tara today.

Today he’s in the process of opening his own personal training website after he got much following on youtube.


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