Thursday, 25 December 2014

13 locks that once guarded dark secrets from history

World’s history contain many dark secrets, unseen horrors and mysterious treasures in itself and these are often guarded by the strongest locks that protects them.

Today we’re gonna show you some of these antique locks from world’s history that will make you wonder, whether the lock was important or the thing behind it.

1. Horse shaped padlock, from India, around 18th or 19th century.

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2. A fish shaped lock from China, which was made during Qing Dynasty.

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3. This one is Iron Padlock from Nüremberg, during 16th century.

desktop 14192112681

4. Lock made for the wooden sacristy door for the church of Biertan, Romania, 1524.

 5. Iron lock, which was molded and engraved perfectly, Paolo Acquadro, Turin, Italy, 1854.

desktop 1419211266

6. Lock containing ornamental grotesques & scrolls by N. Du Feyis, France, 1630.

desktop 14192112701

7. This is a “Detector” lock by John Wilkes, 1680.

desktop 1419211260

8. A lock having four turning bolts, made by John Wilkes, late 17th century.

desktop 14192112661

9. By GS, Unknown master, Germany, in 1610.

desktop 1419211263

10. Padlock, made in Germany, around 17th century.

desktop 14192112631

11. Werewolf story padlock.

desktop 1419211259

 12. Door lock from Germany, around early 17th century.

desktop 14192112601

13. A Chamber lock by John Wilkes, in England, 1695.

desktop 14192112621


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