Tuesday, 11 November 2014

These 17 selfies are the best selfies you would've ever seen

This term “selfie” is well known to all of us but do you know what makes a good selfie? Well if you ask people, many would say that ‘your picture with your friends’, other would say something else, but there is one thing which is common in all of them and that is it must be taken by you and not by anyone else. Yep, that’s right you taking camera clicking your own face here and there is what makes good selfie.

Today i am going to show you some of the best selfies of the world, and what makes these selfies special? well check and find out yourself.

1. Selfie of Eminem and Mona Lisa.

desktop 1415393157

2. Selfie taken from the top of Dubai’s Princess Tower.

desktop 1415393076

3. Selfie of U.S. President Barack Obama with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

desktop 1415393052

4. Selfie of man with giraffe

desktop 1415393587

5. I like this one thought, selfie of Black Macaque.

desktop 1415393182

6. Man and Kangaroo.

desktop 1415394613

7. Oscar Selfie by Ellen.

desktop 1415393764

8. George Harrison’s selfie at Taj Mahal.

desktop 1415393672

9. From the top of Mount Everest.

desktop 1415393523

10. This one is hilarious, our own Grumpy Cat and Peter Dinklage.

desktop 1415393637

11. Outside of a Helicopter.

desktop 1415393855


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