Monday, 13 October 2014

These lips are prepared for halloween look

Spain based makeup artist, Eva Senín Pernas has created this lips designs which look truly amazing. Check out some of the works from her portfolio

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96894755c36febd4437145a1f2709bd1 650x
5d57ffb310a1268880f88ab6d9e59967 650x
c47b8e66ad03c405e62b8118577909c6 650x
96677fe647e4a77cec8dbd42f72ea6aa 650x
ee82174eb749df9fb9138c1cf52ff166 650x
53e423c3dc3d32c852b30720cbe79e30 650x
23c923de0f75aa18be30f3e3a1a19df7 650x
2acd6cf4677419599ed51b26433358b5 650x
2662545754ca38a44ccb3cc72f441831 650x
d2ed99f55d8965ee093936931e94ed21 650x
c4723d45538e0c2454f05defc866dd9c 650x
92746b9c280beea69b4295e3d7b63abb 650x

You can checkout her more works here deviantART.


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