Sunday, 12 October 2014

These cloud shapes are incredible

We love clouds, their aroma, their beauty, everything of it. We get amazed to see their different formations. However their formations are not always pleasant. Following are some rare cloud formations which i bet you haven’t seen before.

1. Aracus clouds are first of their kind and these formations are rare. They are of two types roll clouds and shelf clouds. Both of these types are associated with atmospheric change.

This is rare roll cloud in Texas city

and this one is shelf cloud formation

2. Wall clouds are another such formation which actually look horrible to me. Anyone looking to them will say that its last day of earth.

Although they look little similar to shelf clouds but both of these have different causes and different effects.

Get inside immediately if you see something like above, its sign of tornado is coming.

3. Cumulonimbus clouds are massive clouds which always gets seen when storm is coming.

This one is real horrible

4. And some cloud formations are caused by humans. Yes, you hear it right, humans. We sometimes pass from inside the clouds leaving behind some incredible cloud structures like below

5. Another variety of clouds are Lenticular clouds.These are the result of water droplets encountering wind.

Now this one is really amazing

6. Now this is something different. Undulatus asperatus were proposed by Cloud Appreciation Society in 2009 as its own type of cloud.

7. This last one is Mammatus clouds. To me they look like potatos in the sky but they actually are bubbly looking clouds which actually are the messanger of extreme weather. So i would suggest to stay inside instead of watching its beauty.




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