Sunday, 26 October 2014

These are some signs that prove that your date isn't going good

We all experience both good and bad dates. But have you ever faced a situation where you can’t decide whether your date is going good or bad. Well here are few signs for that. If you get to see these signs then it proves that yes it isn’t going well and that now should think of something else.

1. She’s always eager to leave.

1. She's always eager to leave.

Well you have just introduced yourselves and she started showing signs of leaving the date early then its sure boy she’s isn’t interested in the date anymore and now you should leave that date there only.

2. The only thing that’s happening is silence.

2. The only thing that's happening is silence.

Although this type of thing is very common in first dates and mostly happen due to nerves but sometimes there’s another thing which causes it and that’s “I have nothing to say” kind of thing. Now you’ll have to spot to difference between “I am nervous” kind of silence and “I have nothing to say” kind of silence.

3. She’s always checking her phone call/messages.

3. She's always checking her phone call/messages.

One of the most common signs which shows that she’s not enjoying this date and want to leave.

4. She keeps bringing her ex.

4. She keeps bringing her ex.

Oh boy, why are you still there if she’s bringing her ex. This is your date and if she’s bringing someone else its pretty obvious what she wants. It’s like someone who says they doesn’t like justin beiber’s song and always sing the same when you’re around them. This clearly means that although they think the don’t like the song but deep inside them they still love it. Same like their ex.

5. She never ask anything about you.

5. She never ask anything about you.

If she’s only talking of herself and not asking anything about it, this clearly means that she doesn’t care about it. This kind of date is all about herself, and the end of it you know her favorite meal, her loved band, what’s her favorite TV show, how many times she visited some place, what’s her dog name, how her dog humps everyone’s legs etc etc. But about you, she knows nothing.

There you have it all, if you see anything like this it clearly means that it’s not going well. Take these lessons from me, the boy who gets spitted on and told by them they hate me, but one day .. ..


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