Friday, 17 October 2014

13 deadly makeup tricks for you this halloween

Halloween has always been the time for showing some creepy look of yourself by some sort of deadly makeup and all that, but here i am going to present you some of the very deadly and creepy looking halloween tricks that will surely going to make your mood for halloween.

1. That clown face.

1. That clown face

2. The face full of eyes.

2. The face full of eyes

3. Hallucinated face.

3. Hallucinated face

4. Eye lips.

4. Eye lips.

5. The zombie look.

5. The zombie look

6. The body of eyes.

6. The body of eyes

7. The zipper face.

7. The zipper face

8. The snake eyes.

8. The snake eyes

9. The creepiest creeper.

9. The creepiest creeper

10. The demon lady.

10. The domon lady

11. The puppet face.

11. The puppet face.

12. Weird look on/off

12. Weird look on/off.

13. The two faced demon girl

6.) Lady Two Face.


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